The Functions of Light Pink Curtains Except Decorative Function

1 Soundproof

When we are choosing the light pink curtains. Actually we should consider other functions first, not the decorative function. When we pick up curtains we can't ignore the soundproof function. According to the research, if the noise over 30 db, then it will have a big effect on your sleep. You will not sleep well during the whole night if the noise over 30 db. So the soundproof elements are important that we must consider of it. To buy good soundproof curtains you can choose the toile ,cotton, burlap and so on materials.

2 Blackout

Don't think about that every curtain is the blackout curtains. But I know that there is different quality of curtains. Some curtains in better quality, so the blackout function are better. In your bedroom, you better choosing a nice blackout curtains. When you want to have a nap in the afternoon. However, in the dining room or home office and some other place, you can choose blind. Then blind will help you to adjust the sunlight well. According the place to choose curtains.

3 Thermal

Actually, it is to be used mainly in the winter. In the winter, we should use good thermal curtains. Winter is so cold. But we cannot avoid the winter coming. So when we choose the light pink curtains, we should think of the thermal function first. In general, dark red and burgundy crateandbarrel curtains have better thermal function. The material is equally important. Just choosing some thick materials is not a bad choice.

4 Adjust Mood

Don't choose the too much dark color of the curtains. Or you will feel depressing after you have watched the somber color curtains for a long time. Nevertheless, too bright curtains are also not good. The too bright colors will let you feel visual fatigue after watching for a long time. Simple and fresh colors are the best. Simple and fresh colors will make you in a good condition everyday.