The colors for Cotton Living room Curtains

We say that color is living, and different colors have different effects to pass different characters and personalities. As we see the curtains every day, it has a lot of knowledge about color coordinations, but there have some methods to the mix of colors, and here I will introdece some methods for you.

Each of us is different style for decoration, and personal preferences are not the same, so a different color represents the different character. Warm living room curtains is general the first election, both warm and looks great quality. The study is generally use green, it seems as quiet and calm. Bedroom curtains have to choose the good balanced color and good color sense of calm, while the restaurant curtains are multi-purpose white. We are speaking of the color of the curtains with the approach, which mainly talk about the match color of different positions as monochrome alternatives. Then we will talk about muiti-color cotton living room curtains.

For example, you can mix the green with light blue, pink can be mixed with blue, yellow and beige can match, but you must remember that can not be together such as yellow and purple, red and blue, which will make people very uncomfortable. Of course, you can also put a variety of colors together, but remember if you have more pale colors, then you can use a bright color to spice up the visual sense. Do not mess with, it is best to use less colors, because although the curtains decorative effect for our household decoration are wonderful, but the most important role is practical.

There are many ways to match the color of the cotton living room curtains, we can say that a perfect match will look comfortable and in good mood. If not, not only depressing, and over a long time, there will be a bad influence. So we must pay attention to the choice. Even with your own hobby, it should be reasonable. If it is really undecided, you can ask a professional to ask for advice.

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